Our mission is to be the Employees Stock Options Plans (ESOP) services firm of choice.

ESOP – EXCELLENCE, a market leader in the trust and administration field, offering a comprehensive approach of the management, operation and supply of solutions to:

  • Various aspects of Stock Based Incentive Plans to employees, directors and service
  • Mergers and Acquisition (M&A)
  • Escrow to Source Code (in affiliation with Iron Mountain) 

ESOP – EXCELLENCE was founded in year 2013 and is servicing approx. 2,000 corporate clients (private and public trades companies) with approx. 100,000 beneficiaries in Israel and abroad.

Equity Based Incentive Plan

ESOP - EXCELLENCE is designed to offer professional and proactive service-driven solutions for clients seeking cutting-edge services in the field of Stock Based Incentive Plans for company employees.

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M&A - mergers and acquisitions

ESOP - EXCELLENCE has dealt with numerous M&As and served as a Paying Agent, Escrow Agent, Trustee and Tax Withholding Agent for Israeli Tax purposes.

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Technology Escrow in partnership with Iron Mountain

What is Technology Escrow?
An escrow works much the same way as an insurance policy. When two parties enter into a licensor/licensee relationship, the information encompassing the technology in question is deposited into an escrow account that ensures licensors have a trusted partner who will securely hold onto the technology information and release it only under very specific conditions. Also, the licensees may gain access to that information even if the licensor no longer supports it.
An escrow agreement that balances developers need for confidentiality with customers’ need for investment protection achieves this. Through escrow, significant roadblocks are removed in negotiations by relying on a neutral third party to help you establish a win-win escrow process.

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