Start Trading in Israel with the Professionals

Excellence Brokerage provides its customers with innovative trading systems that enable fast transactions while providing abundant information on markets including cutting-edge graphs plus a broad variety of advanced trading orders at your disposal.

  OrderNet Spark

Online system for independently trading on the stock exchange.

  • HTML5 based system that permits entry from a Macintosh computer and all browsers. No need for installing software on your computer!
  • The system permits integrated trading—in Israel, of all basic assets, and in the U.S. of stocks and ETFs.
  • Provides real-time quotes and advanced graphic charts.
  • Permits the use of a variety of advanced, trade trigger orders.

Entry to the system

מערכת אורדרנט - ספארק - מערכת אינטרנטית למסחר בארץ

OrderNet Pro

The most advanced professional trading system in Israel.

  • Designed for semi-pro and more advanced traders.
  • System provides a set of tools for fast, professional trading.
  • A format for advanced trading that permits swift responses and trading.
  • Trading on the graph; issues buy and sell orders while performing analyses.
  • Active management – with a finger on the pulse of developments.

Entry to the system

מערכת אורדרנט פרו - מערכת מסחר מקצועית המתקדמת בישראל

FMR system

Advanced system for independent trading on the Israeli stock exchange.

  • Professional trading system for high-volume customers.
  • System is suited mainly for portfolio managers and active nostro traders.
  • Trading in options and stocks.
  • Dedicated computer and point-to-point line connected directly to Stock Exchange servers.
  • Convenient and stable work interface.
  • High-speed execution.

מערכת FMR - מערכת למסחר מתקדם בבורסה הישראלית