Ask the Excellence experts
at the Personal
Investment desk

We at Excellence Brokerage Services are happy to be launching our ExPert personal investments desk. Now we can provide you, the private customer, with personal and unique service delivered by Excellence experts. They will help you build a trading strategy that matches your needs, including recommended transactions.

The platform that we provide allows you to trade independently in Israel and in foreign markets, aided by our innovative systems and a professional, highly accessible trading room. Beyond that, we ascribe great importance to providing direction and a system of quality information to assist you in your trading decisions.

ExPert personal investments desk

As an ExPert Desk customer, you benefit from unique information and regular personal contact with the Desk manager, a licensed investment marketer—via phone, SMS updates and newsletters, including a review of primary trading data, breaking news items, and other important events—all tailored to your personal needs.

In addition, we make sure that you remain up to date through exposure to exclusive reviews and studies that give you access to information (micro & macro) that, up to now, has benefited only major bodies.

Contact us today and join the desk as a smart investor.

*The service is provided at no charge to customers with at least NIS 300,000 in their investment accounts.