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Excellence Brokerage Services maintains trustee accounts in all major banks where you can deposit monies into a personal account. Deposits may be made through bank transfer or a check deposited in one of the listed banks. Deposits are made to the order of Excellence Nessuah Brokerage Services Ltd. After making your deposit into one of our trustee accounts, make sure to retain your proof of deposit. Reporting a deposit may be made in the personal section the website/app at any time and with no need to wait for a company representative.

Details of trustee accounts for depositing monies

Executing online transactions in your account

You may execute regular transactions in your account including: deposit notifications, withdrawal requests, foreign currency conversions, requests to issue reports, and updating personal details independently in the personal section on the website, all without having to wait for a representative.

Credit in the account

In order to receive a credit line against transactions in securities, it is necessary to specify the credit limit and the nature of the requested activity. Therefore you should first talk with a representative of our trading room by calling 03-7536514 extension 1.

Technical support

If you have been blocked from entering the capital market trading system, with the message "username or password is incorrect", contact customer service at 03-7536514 extension 2 and we will provide you with a new password.

The new password is temporary and must be changed upon re-entering the system on your computer.
After the password has been issued and you've entered the system, you will be asked to enter the number that appears in the picture that is displayed. Enter this number in the bottom row and you will be taken to the 'change password' screen.

Rules for choosing a password: Your password must contain exactly eight (8) characters consisting of capital letters and numbers. A capital letter must appear between each two digits. The system remembers your last 10 passwords, none of which may be used again.

For any other problem or hitch in the capital market trading system, contact customer service at 03-7536514 extension 2 and we will assist you promptly.

Deposits at excellent interest rates

We offer our customers a variety of deposit options, for different terms and under various conditions tailored to your needs and preferences – with attractive interest rates and without depository or other fees:

  • Monthly deposit at attractive interest rate, for depositors of NIS 250,000 or more.
  • Annual index-linked deposit for depositors of NIS 1,000,000 or more.

For additional details call 03-7536514 extension 1, or email us at

Fees for trading on the capital market

The pricelist details the various fees that apply to customers of Excellence Nessuah Brokerage Services Ltd. Fees that have been specifically set in the booklet given to customers upon opening an account with the company shall remain unchanged. Any fee not set at that time and/or of a type not appearing in the booklet shall be in accordance with the fee as appears in the pricelist. In order to remove all doubt, all remaining conditions in the customer account agreement and/or the fee addendum to the said agreement shall continue to apply to activity in your account, unless otherwise determined in the pricelist. 

Interest in the account

The rate of debit interest for a negative balance in the account of a customer of Excellence Nessuah Brokerage Services Ltd. (hereinafter: "the Company")—so long as the rate has not been set in another agreement between the customer and the Company (including a debit balance stemming from unauthorized credit)—shall be at a variable interest rate composed of the prime interest rate (as quoted from time to time by Bank Leumi le-Israel Ltd.) plus a 5% risk component.

The above are annual rates, with interest calculated on a monthly basis. Unless different rates have been set in a written agreement with the customer, or through notifying the customer in accordance with the customer account agreement and/or any other agreement with the customer, it is these rates shall apply.

Capital gains deduction

During the course of each month either profits or losses will accrue as the result of the realization of securities. At the end of the month the trading system will display in its final line the taxable amount (if any). If this line states "payable tax", payment will be sent to the Income Tax Authority.
If during the calendar year a loss is incurred upon the realization of securities, the account will be credited up to the amount of tax paid. If a tax shield is created, the tax shield amount will remain in the account until the selling of a security at a profit in order to deduct the said loss.

If a tax shield remains in the account upon the end of the calendar year, in order to deduct the shield amount from the tax payable amount, Form 867 must be filled out and the Tax Authority contacted.

In securities transactions executed through the trading system, the Company will deduct tax at source unless the customer has notified the Company regarding an exemption or other arrangement, subject to the contractual agreement.
When investing in the capital market it is possible that you will be entitled to receive thousands of shekels from the Income Tax Authority. Check if you need to also submit a report to the Income Tax Authority and/or if you are entitled to receive monies. It is important to note that this does not constitute tax consultancy of any sort, or any other form of handling, except for tax deduction at source.

Trading on your smartphone

The Excellence Trade app allows you to receive updates on your account status at any time, receive real-time data, and of course buy and sell all types of securities traded in the Israeli stock exchange.
The app may be downloaded after searching for the 'Excellence Trade' app. Use of the app is conditional upon receiving suitable authorization.

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