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Excellence Brokerage – Who are we?

Excellence Brokerage is a longstanding member of the stock exchange, with more than 30 years' experience in the capital market. We offer a variety of capital market services including independent trading on stock exchanges in Israel and abroad for our private customers, trading services and research for institutional clients.

Spheres of activity

We provide our customers with advanced platforms for trading independently in the Israeli and foreign capital markets. Additionally, the Excellence trading room provides customers with skilled and professional Hebrew-language service during trading hours in Israel and the U.S. – all at significantly lower trading fees than offered by local banks and brokers.

We work continually to improve the user experience and accessibility to basic services through the use of advanced technological infrastructures that afford flexibility in a constantly changing and competitive market. Moreover we believe that our true value lies in our employees who possess vast professional experience in the capital market.

Our Research and analysis department

שירותי ברוקראז' עם מערכות חדישות

What do we offer?

Innovative trading systems
Excellence Brokerage provides its customers with trading systems that are among the world's most advanced, offering a broad variety of options to assure the maximum investor experience: high level of precision, automatic trading orders, personally tailored user interface—for desktop PCs, tablets and smartphones, from any location and at any time.

Attractive fees
Excellence Brokerage Services provide customers with prices that are tens of percentage points lower than standard fees charged by banks, without compromising on quality or service.

Surveys and research 
Excellence Brokerage's research department is among the largest in the industry. Furthermore, Excellence works in cooperation with Alliance Bernstein, one of the world's major research bodies. Our research department produces high-quality analytic materials in the domains of stocks, bonds and macro.

Security of money 
Excellence Brokerage is a recognized member of the Stock Exchange and meets the stringent regulations of the Israel Securities Authority. All customer monies held by the company are deposited into trustee accounts under their name. Additionally, customers receive periodic reports detailing the status of their accounts including all transactions during the period. All this provides investors with peace of mind with respect to their money.

Digital management of securities accounts
Excellence Brokerage services allow you to execute current transactions in your securities account online, including deposits and withdrawals of money, foreign currency conversions, reports on activity and more – from any location and at any time of day.

Foreign currency conversions 
Excellence customers benefit from our size advantage, i.e., 'economy of scale', with conversion rates among the best in the country. The service is extended to customers who open trading accounts with us.