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Our Mission: to be the Employees Stock Options Plan (ESOP) services firm of choice. The Right Option!

Whether you’re a multi-national corporation expanding an existing Equity Incentive Plan to an Israel subsidiary or an early-stage startup looking to grant options to its first employee, ESOP - EXCELLENCE can help. 

ESOP - EXCELLENCE offers the most comprehensive scope of services in the industry. Our team includes lawyers, tax accountants, economists and financial analysts and is backed by the resources, knowledge and practical experience we’ve gained from providing services to thousands of clients, both private and publicly-traded and from Israel and around the world. 

In addition to the best in personnel, our services are supported by the best in technology: our proprietary System, developed by Matrix. Our system raises the market standard for ESOP management systems by providing management online access to real-time plan, grant and beneficiary data and offering advanced features such as fully-automated, start-to-finish on-line option exercise and share sale processing. 

But, of course, it’s not just about knowledge and technology. At ESOP - EXCELLENCE we pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of customer service in the industry. We aim to exceed client expectations through personal attention, a proactive and team-oriented approach, and a focus on timeliness and constant technological innovation. 

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Our Services

Each company’s needs are different. ESOP - EXCELLENCE works with each client to ensure that both its ESOP plans and the constellation of services we provide fit its unique needs.

Trust Services

Under Israeli tax law, in order for a company to grant tax-advantaged awards, the company must appoint a Trustee for the plan and all options and shares granted as part of the plan must be deposited into escrow with the Trustee. Trustee services include:

  • Plan registration and implementation of tax arrangements with the Income Tax Authority (ITA)
  • Preparation and submission of the reports to the IsraelTax Authority in compliance with statutory requirements;
  • Calculation, withholding and submission of taxes due from each beneficiary in respect of their options or shares on the relevant tax event
  • Distribution of proceeds to beneficiaries on a sale of shares, in compliance with all regulations

At ESOP - EXCELLENCE we take a proactive approach to our position as trustee. Not only do we ensure that our knowledge is up-to-date, but you’ll be notified about developments likely to have an impact on your plan along with practical tips as to how to avoid issues. 

ESOP - EXCELLENCE has been approved as a Trustee by the Israel Tax Authority. 

Administration and Management Services

Administrating an equity incentive plan is time-consuming. With ESOP - EXCELLENCE on your team, you’ll spend less time managing your plan and more time managing your business. Our services include:

  • Creation and ongoing maintenance of a grant database including all grant and beneficiary data, including detailed vesting schedules
  • Ongoing review of grant documents, including award letters and exercise requests, to ensure continued compliance with relevant regulations
  • Working with management to develop processes around key plan activities such as grant issuances and grant exercises so as to ensure compliance with relevant regulations
  • Providing training to the management team on proper management of the plan
  • Creation of materials explaining the plan to employees

In addition to the above, we provide real-time answers and support throughout the life of your plan. Whether it’s helping you to setup the initial plan and setup process, providing answers to your ongoing day-to-day questions and issues; or providing education to the participants, ESOP EXCELLENCE is your real-time ESOP resource. 

ESOP-EXCELLENCE has ISAE 3402 approval from PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers).

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Additional Services for Publicly-Traded companies 

Publicly-traded companies’ equity incentive plans are subject to additional regulations and requirements, including trading, clearing, tax computing and administration requirements. ESOP - EXCELLENCE additional services for public companies include:

  • Exercise and trading process formation for public companies in cooperation with all relevant entities (e.g. banks, transfer agents and brokers);
  • Provision of real-time brokerage and clearing services with direct connections to the trading floor
  • Providing full support for all possible exercise instructions, including Sell-To-Cover and net exercise
  • Enabling online real-time option exercise from a beneficiary’s browser, directly to the trading floor and back
  • Operation of a call center to answer beneficiary questions, available throughout global trading hours